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Junior High School

         Curriculum of JIA Junior High School


Curriculum modules



English Language and Culture



The school has introduced the system and mode for teaching English language and culture at mainstream schools of similar kind in the U.S., teaching students about listening, speaking, reading, writing and the comprehensive skills of English language in the same ways as for native learners.

1. Listening

2. Reading

3. Writing

4. Spelling

5. Public Speaking

Quality and ability


the courses are designed to cultivate future elites for society, and enable them to become talents with sound character and international competitiveness by training students in such aspects as academic ability, survival ability, creativity, social communications and humanities.

1. Western humanities

2. Social etiquette

3. Drama performance

4. Art and design

5. Western music

6. Cooking 

International exchanges and practices



The courses are mostly carried out in the forms of activities or projects, which are designed to develop the international horizon of students, enhance their international communication skills, develop their social responsibility and team spirit.

1. Teenager leadership

2. International classroom alliance & exchange

3. Tour in the U.S. in winter/summer vacations

4. Model United Nations


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