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Seeking Experienced Teacher for High School English Instruction in Hubei and Beijing, China

About the Position

This opportunity is for the highly motivated, responsible, and autonomous individual. The incumbent will be based in Hubei Province (near Shanghai) for the inaugural semester at our new campus. Upon completion of the initial term, the incumbent may be given the option to rotate between Hubei and our Beijing campuses.   In addition to 20-25 teaching hours (40 minutes=1 teaching hour) per week, the position requires 5-10 hours per week developing curriculum and tending to School projects and needs as necessary.  The role commences September 1, 2013.


A four (4) year degree from an accredited university is required. All candidates must be native English speakers and demonstrate a minimum of two (2) years teaching experience. TOEFL and TEFL/TESOL experience is preferred. Demonstrated passion for education, flexibility, and a positive attitude are required attributes. Individuals interested in developing a longer term relationship with the School will be given preference.


24 months. 10 working months, 1 month paid vacation, and 1 month compensated optional work per contract year.


Salary will be commensurate with demonstrated experience and will allow for an above average standard of living. Additionally, while in Hubei Province a fully furnished single occupancy apartment will be provided free of charge. This apartment will be of upper middle class local standard. It will include all utilities, and transportation costs will be covered as necessary. A 4000 RMB airfare bonus will be given every six (6) months of the contract. One month of paid vacation, in addition to all Chinese national holidays, will be granted per contract year. All fees associated with visa processing will be covered and/or reimbursed by the School.

About the School

We are a forward-thinking and rapidly expanding school focused on preparing Chinese students for university programs in North America. Our Chinese and American management team is committed to excellence in all facets of organizational integrity and teaching quality through innovation and dedication. Our staff has years of experience in education, business, and consulting and hail from universities such as Harvard, Berkeley, and UNC-Chapel Hill.


Please include an updated CV/resume, brief cover letter explaining your interest and suitability, copy of degree,  copy of the information/picture page of your passport, and two professional references (please include name, title, organization, phone, and email address). Email your completed application to











2. 具有2年以上班主任工作经验或培训咨询行业经验;

3. .热爱教育事业,工作积极主动、责任心强; 4


岗位名称: 助理校长


1. 全面负责初中国际部的教学管理工作、教学计划执行、教学品质控管;

2. 制定初中国际部学年教学大纲、教学计划、教案;

3. 监督、确保严格执行教学计划,完成对教师、教学等的评估;

4. 按照教学计划,招聘、培训、激励教师,提高其专业化水平;

5. 负责初中国际部外籍教师的培训、管理与协调工作

6. 完成上级领导交办的其他工作。 


1. 本科以上学历,熟悉国内、国际教育体系;

2. 英语流利,书面功底强,通过TEM 8,海外留学工作背景者优先考虑;

3. 三年以上教学管理相关工作经历;

4. 丰富的教育理论知识和实操能力;

5. 国际学校、中外合作办学学校经验者优先考虑。


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