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Principal’s Oration

Dear parents and students:

        In our eyes, you are unique!

        We understand that, as parents, you cherish the deep hope that your children’s life in the future will be full of content and happiness, and we also understand that, as kids, you truly want to become the proud of your parents, relatives and friends; we also know that as the society is in constant progress, we always need excellent talents who are physically and mentally healthy!

        In order to live up to hope of your parents, realize your dreams and response to the call of the society, each colleague with JIA is willing to serve as your stepping stone!

        With the deepening of the globalization in education, it has become the common destination for many families and schools to cultivate high-quality talents with full competitiveness and international oriented quality. Being positioned as such, JIA is dedicated to allowing more Chinese students to enjoy high-quality education abroad, expanding children's international horizons, shaping their international moods, and cultivating a new generation of international talents who will become the pilots for the new young people in China.

        We hire Chinese and foreign teachers with rich experience and skills in teaching. Our teachers pay great attention to cultivating the thinking abilities and holistic development of students at class. The school has developed the whole-process learning plan for each student, providing professional guidance specially targeted at the individual conditions of students.

        We select different kinds of latest international outstanding textbooks, and seek the practicality in teaching. For example, in the language teaching, rather than paying attention to the superficial and ostentatious effects, we emphasize the usability of knowledge. We know that in the future students need to practically use it abroad. This is particularly important.

        We have established a close cooperation mechanism with overseas educational institutions to create unique learning opportunities for students. For example, exchange of Chinese and Western curriculums, classroom experience at foreign schools, special summer camps overseas, etc. The interaction between Chinese and Western cultures, the diverse curriculums, and the different channels of communications have laid a good foundation for Chinese students to study abroad.

        In short, students at JIA are able to receive the genuine knowledge and skills. Facts have proved that JIA students are all able to attend classes together with foreign students of similar ages once they arrived at the country, while demonstrating even stronger competitiveness.

        Dear parents, we are aware of it that you have entrusted us with your children, and we will make every effort, together with you, to hold up your hopes! Dear children, we know that every one of you is unique to us. We will dedicate ourselves to you and grow together with you.

        A couple of years hence, when you will become truly useful talents in terms of knowledge, ability, and character, we will be filled with joy and happiness!

        Welcome to JIA!    

        Lyle Pirnie
        School director, JIA School

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