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JIA School was formed by JIA School USA and JIA School Beijing, which is a new-style school specializing in training talents with international visions and competitiveness. JIA School USA was registered with the government of in Massachusetts, and JIA School Beijing was approved by the authority in charge of education in Beijing and received the school license. JIA School consists of senior high school, junior high school, Foreign Student Department, JIA International Exchange School, and JIA Extracurricular Training Department.

The senior high school is centered on the Fast-track Preparation Program for students destined to Europe and America universities. Implements holistic education, the school educates and equips students in such aspects as theory and knowledge, character, emotional intelligence, intelligence quotient, survival skills, social skills and international vision, so that they will become the targets to be admitted by outstanding universities in Europe and America, as well as international-oriented talents with strong competitiveness in all sectors and all parts of the world. The students from the “US Universities Fast-track Preparation Class” have been successively admitted by Pennsylvania State University, University of Washington, St. Louis University and other top 50 outstanding universities in the United States. Some students have also received full scholarships.

The junior high school is targeted at guiding junior high school students to get onto the track of international education in advance. The school has introduced the system and mode for teaching English language and culture at mainstream schools of similar kind in the U.S., teaching students about listening, speaking, reading, writing and the comprehensive skills of English language in the same ways as for native learners. The courses are mostly carried out in the forms of activities or projects, which are designed to develop the international horizon of students, enhance their international communication skills, develop their social responsibility and team spirit. The junior high school students can directly access JIA senior high school, high schools in foreign countries or other domestic high schools.

Primary School: the primary school is focused on native English education, so that the Chinese pupils can keep in pace with their counterparts in the U.S. Students can learn the authentic American English, and practice to think in English, so as to improve the comprehensive level of English. The instructional design of the primary school is seamlessly integrated with the primary schools in the United States, which adopts the brand-new curriculum design concepts and broadened ideas to improve the logical thinking ability of schoolchildren. The textbooks are comprehensive, covering spelling, reading, writing, math, science and other areas of knowledge, which are close to children’s ways of thinking, inspires their interest in learning, so that children are well versed in listening, speaking and writing. Students at the primary school can be directly admitted to the JIA senior high school or other junior high schools in the country.

The Foreign Students Department mainly enrolls foreign students from the United States and Europe. The main courses include basic Chinese language and Chinese culture.

JIA International Exchange School is focused on providing short-term educational and cultural services for foreign students and teachers, organizing winter/summer camp short courses for students at home and abroad, and holding international horizon training seminars, workshops and international exchange programs for teachers.

JIA Extracurricular Training Department mainly provides extracurricular native English language education for primary school students, and short-term training courses for junior or senior high school students and adults with special needs for English language training.

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